What inspired you to get involved with so many different activities:
Nothing particularly inspired me per se; I just did what I was interested in, and stayed for as long as I still was so. 
You were chosen to be on ProMazo’s list of Most Interesting Students for a reason. Do you have any advice for other students hoping to create their own success:
You have the power to decide what success means to you. Because you create your own definition, you have the power to get there. That said, I believe that people have the ability to be successful at most anything. 
Favorite quote:
"Onward" – Ms. Vennessa Nava, Monta Vista HS English teacher.
Biggest role models or inspirations:
This is a hard question for me to answer – I have never explicitly had one. Recently, I’ve thought a lot about being Asian American and the lack of representation that comes with it. There has never been anyone that I’ve looked at and thought I could be exactly like them. Of course, I’ve had smaller role models, such as my family and friends, but have yet to find one overarching role model. Due to that, I’ve forged my own path and am excited to see where that takes me.
Fun Fact?:
Despite being lactose intolerant, I’m a proud founding member of the University of Chicago’s Cheese Club!
There are so many things that I love doing! To start, I love traveling and have had the privilege of visiting around 30 different countries. I enjoy being active, especially through means of general cardio, specifically the triathlon sports. I also love building things including but not limited to – Ikea furniture, puzzles, and my own kayak when I was younger. 
Career path:
For my third year internship, I will be working with Wells Fargo Securities for investment banking. I don't know where life will take me from there, but I'm interested in consulting and eventually, hopefully, private equity.

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