Who was your role model and/or inspiration?
My role model/inspiration would be my older sister, Estefany. The reason I say that is because I have seen my sister manifest everything she’s every wanted right in front of me and I think that she proves to me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and you work hard. 
What is the best piece of advice you have received that has helped you be successful?
The best piece of advice that I’d received that has helped me be successful is that one is going to care about your future the way that you do, so you have to go hard for yourself all the time. I feel like we are our own #1 supporter, #1 fan, and teacher in life so when dealing with things or passions that we are dedicated to we have to be there for ourselves as much as people are there for us.
What motivates you?
I tend to have troubles finding one thing that motivates me to keep going, but I would say my family really motivates me to be my best self. I really do it for the betterment of my family, and them having the opportunity to see me at my prime. Of course, I do this for myself as well but my family is my number one motivation system. 
What do you do in your free time?
On my free time I try to squeeze in some reading. Currently I am reading All About Love by Bell Hooks. I also try to catch up on emails, and watch netflix or hulu.
If you could know the absolute truth to one question, what would you ask?
If I could know the absolute truth to one question, I think it would be what happens after we die? The reason why is because I have always been curious as to what happens after we are no longer here. 
If you had a theme song, what would it be?
If I had a theme song, it would be “Move your Feet” by Junior Senior 
If your opinion, who do you think is the most impressive person in the world right now, and why?
In my opinion, I think the most impressive person in the world right now is Jeff Bezos mostly because of his wealth that he’s been able to accumulate over the span of a short amount of time. Amazon is IT. 
What advice do you have for fellow of younger students?
Some advice I have for my fellow peers or younger students is don’t give up on yourself. I know times get hard and you might feel like giving up what you started because of how overwhelming the process can be, but don’t give up on yourself and trust in the process. Trust yourself enough to get yourself through the circumstances you are put in. Also, be patient with yourself.
What does you future look like?
I’m not sure what my future would look like given that I don’t tend to focus on what will happen then. I focus more on the now and what I’m trying to do for right now because a lot of things are already overwhelming especially in the time period that we are living in right now. It is imperative to think about right now, but in terms of what I would like my future to look like I would like to be my own boss. I would like to inspire others through what I do to continue to work hard and thrive through the circumstances they are put in, and then give back to my community.
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