Nicholas Pierce is a University of Rochester alumni with a degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Data Science/Computational Statistics. 
“My LinkedIn bio would go something like this: the route to becoming a software engineer/data scientist is exactly what you think it is. I studied the pure (vanilla) variety of math at a research university in the Northeast and realized that my tastes were a bit more... exotic. So, I got into computational statistics, programming, and one thing to led to another – met some cool CS kids, wrote some decent code and voila! - I found myself in data science. Some might say my specialty is taking a bunch of numbers and a computer and choreographing a little digital dance between them until they produce something useful — on their own. Which is pretty cool. And some would say I’m decently good at it. Which is also pretty cool.” - Pierce
He has been with Promazo since 2018 and is currently building the matching algorithm for the 100k Mentors Challenge.
Get to know more about Nicholas in his interview below!

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