University of Notre Dame
PhD - Chemistry
As an undergraduate student, Melissa Hoffbauer realized she loved trying to figure out unanswered questions. With that, she pursued a PhD in Chemistry at Notre Dame University. Years into her PhD program, Melissa started to miss being around people – human interaction was not something that she could always count on with Chemistry.
Soon after realizing that she wanted to explore other professional avenues, Melissa discovered consulting. Taking into account her love of problem solving and the desirability for more PhD’s in the consulting industry, she decided to give it a try. 
Melissa began consulting through a project with ProMazo. She loved it, crushed it, and became project manager on her second engagement. From there, Melissa pioneered a consulting organization at Notre Dame specifically geared towards graduate students.
In addition to working on her PhD, leading projects through ProMazo, and running her newly-founded organization, Melissa was accepted into a competitive consulting training program at BCG. Ultimately, she did not end up getting an offer from BCG –  however, she got offers from many other consulting companies. 
Melissa recently completed her PhD and accepted a senior consultant position at Navigant.