Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD - Chemical Engineering
Lisa Volpatti, a MIT PhD student in chemical engineering, spends most of her time dedicated to helping others. To start, her research focuses on improving insulin therapies for diabetic individuals and aims to create a self-regulated insulin treatment that people with diabetes would only need to take once a day, or less frequently. With only two injections of her system, she can cure diabetic mice for over 3 weeks. 
In addition to her research, Lisa received MIT’s 2019 Priscilla King Gray Award for Public Service for her dedication to others inside and outside the lab. In addition to mentoring several undergraduate students, Lisa has served the community by co-founding MIT’s Graduate Women in Chemical Engineering group to provide support for female graduate students in the department.
Lisa also works as a fellow in the ChemE Communication Lab to help students and postdocs with their science communication needs and serves as a “REF” in MIT’s Resources for Easing Friction and Stress (REFS) to provide confidential peer-to-peer counseling for graduate students. 
Once Lisa completes  her PhD she plans to pursue a postdoc in immunoengineering with a focus on cancer immunotherapy.