Johns Hopkins University
Kristofer Madu doubles as an International Studies and Economics Major at Johns Hopkins University, and as a recording artist. Born and raised in a multicultural household, Kristofer speaks four languages and is using his voice to better the lives of the impoverished, and to change the stereotypes assigned to them. 
Kristofer has two hip-hop albums and dozens of singles and music videos under his stage name, Travis Karter. He spends his free time recording, mixing, and collaborating with other musicians, driven by his goal to change the way the world views poverty. All of his proceeds go to support  Water Is The Answer, a nonprofit he founded in 2015 to help rural communities around the world gain access to clean drinking water. 
Witnessing the positive impact his efforts have made, Kristofer created a second startup called First Friday’s Group (abbreviated as 1FG) that helps others channel their inner Travis Karter – 1FG gives local youth and college students an opportunity to express themselves by providing equipment and formal instruction to prospective performers with little to no experience. His new venture proves promising, and has hosted local artists at premier nightlife venues around Baltimore.