What inspired you to contribute to the advancement of 3D printing technologies:
It was almost by accident that I ended up doing the research I did in the 3D printing space. While working on developing new nanopatterning techniques, we realized our work translated perfectly to large scale 3D printing. After a few experiments trying it out, I became hooked. The ability to print anything you want right before your eyes is a fun experience that never gets old.
You were chosen to be on ProMazo’s list of Most Interesting Students for a reason. Do you have any advice for other students hoping to create their own success:
Find something that you are passionate about that plays to your strengths. Once you do, dive in and let yourself be totally immersed in it.
Favorite quote:
"Veni, Vidi, Vici." - Julius Caesar.
Biggest role models or inspirations:
Michelangelo is one of my greatest inspirations. He is the perfect example of what happens when you constantly push your talents over the course of a lifetime.
Fun Fact:
When I was 13, I built a human centrifuge with a 10 ft. arm out of an old treadmill and motorcycle gears.
Career path:
Right now, my career path is as the CEO of Azul 3D, where I get to see and transform my research into a product. However, my long term and life long dream is to become an astronaut.

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