Ibraheem Alinur is a talented and accomplished Industrial Engineer graduate from Northwestern University's Class of 2020. Throughout his college career, he worked with various startup companies, including UI Labs and City Tech Collaboratives MXD, exploring the world of MBA strategies and entrepreneurship. 
The young visionary always had a passion for entrepreneurship from a young age and has his mother, an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago, to thank as his inspiration and role model. When he’s not busy running his successful company, Alinur spends his free time playing video games or spending time with his friends and wife. His interests also include watching The Office or listening to his favorite podcast, 99% Invisible. 
Alinur founded his company City Health Tech as a way to help stop the spread of diseases across generations and industries. He highlights how small actions have large impacts such as when people miss days of work or school, money and productivity decreases. 
Alinur worked with the Hartsman Lab at Northwestern to understand bacterial growth over time based on different hand washing times. As a result, he integrated the use of an animation display to keep people motivated and engaged to wash their hands for longer than 8 seconds. 
The City Health Tech product is currently used in 5 elementary schools as a way to help change the generational mindset and start teaching younger kids the importance of thoroughly washing their hands.​​​​​​​
Get to know more about Ibraheem in his interview below!

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