University of Michigan
Meet David Kobrosky – a tech wiz, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and undergraduate student at the University of Michigan.
Kobroskys’ passion for technology was ignited in high school, after developing High Serve with some friends, an iOS application that streamlines the community service process, making it easier for young individuals to get involved with volunteer work. After coming in first place at the 2016 Babson cup, Kobrosky got involved with the prestigious hackathon, TechCrunch Disrupt. At the event, Kobrosky and his teammates began building out a platform to make algorithms for trading Bitcoin where he became obsessed with this new technology called blockchain.
Following this, Kobrosky enrolled at the University of Michigan and worked with his peers to start Blockchain at Michigan, an organization dedicated to building leaders in the Blockchain space through education, research and development, and consulting. Kobrosky became deeply involved with the Blockchain community, contributing to Ethereum Improvement Proposals, Traveling to Hong Kong for Hackathons, and becoming the first hire and intern at a blockchain startup called Roll. After Kobrosky's internship, Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the investors in Role, needed someone to manage the technology Roll was building for his company, VaynerX. So, Vaynerchuk invited Kobrosky to work alongside him, leading Kobrosky to take a semester off at the University of Michigan to work full time. Kobrosky will return to the University of Michigan as a student this fall and will continue to work closely Vaynerchuk and the Roll Platform.
Aside from his technological skills, Kobrosky is an avid skateboarder and started Skatify, building skateboard parks out of recycled shipping containers. This effort lead to Kobrosky being recognized as a Global Teen Leader by the We Are Family Foundation in the Spring of 2018. You can see his recent TEDx talk at the University of Michigan here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMq2UkJ0nxU
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Hong Kong Hackathon: https://www.nifty.gg/
Skatify: https://www.skatify.org/​​​​​​​