Yale University
Graduate - MPH
While a Yale undergraduate student, Chaney Kalinich was an intern at the Dengue Branch of Puerto Rico’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2017, in the aftermath of a Zika outbreak. While there, Kalinich processed data through ArcGIS, a satellite and mapping program which provided data for the CDC to better understand how the virus, and other mosquito-borne illnesses, spreads. A goalkeeper for Yale's varsity field hockey team, Kalinich wanted to stay in shape for her teammates back home at Yale – leading her to play for the Puerto Rican National Women’s Field Hockey Team. She worked and played hockey until her involvement in a moped accident caused severe injuries, which demanded an immediate return to the United States. After surgery and almost a year of rehabilitation, she made her return to the sport with the Puerto Rican National team, tending goal during the team's to third place overall in the international Hockey Series Open tournament. During her final year as an undergraduate, in addition to playing field hockey, she began pursuing a dual degree, a Master of Public Health in epidemiology. She has now returned to the CDC in Puerto Rico to perform genomic epidemiology research as well as train with the national team.