University of Notre Dame
Undergraduate - Computer Science
Sam MacGinty grew up with sheep as his only neighbors in rural Ireland. Regardless of never meeting anyone that attended school in the states, MacGinty was interested in trying something different. Until being flown over to tour the University of Notre Dame, MacGinty knew next to nothing about what to expect. After a week-long stay at the university, MacGinty fell in love and said goodbye, for the time being, to Ireland. 
MacGinty quickly adjusted to life as a freshman at Notre Dame. As a sophomore MacGinty and one of his peers, Horacio Lopez, created their own company, GiveBee, based off the concept that people tend to trust their friends more than they trust advertisements. Thus, when people post something advertising an affiliated brand on social media, GiveBee monetarily rewards the individual. MacGinty and Lopez started from scratch –  teaching themselves how to build apps, working with private investors, and banging on doors to get business feedback. Currently, the two founders are taking the information they learned to improve GiveBee’s original platform. Now, MacGinty works as a software engineer at DraftKings during the day, and returns home to code at night.