Harvard College
John Ferguson was accepted into college at age 16. How did he do it? Ferguson grew up in rural southwest Ohio, ran a global footwear nonprofit, spent two summers with Fulbright in South Korea, and worked with a team to put on the nation’s largest student-run tech conference. Ferguson spent the summer before his senior year of high school with the U.S. Department of State, living in a small Chinease industrial town. He then returned to Ohio and graduated high school a year early – becoming his district’s youngest graduate in history. After graduating, Ferguson was recruited by entrepreneur Mehendra Vora to build a college app mentorship company that was funded on a 2.5m valuation. All of these accomplishments contributed to Ferguson being accepted to Harvard at age 16 – but before attending, Ferguson took a gap year in China, enrolled in a Beijing public school, and worked with a billionaire in Shenzhen. Recently, Ferguson just completed his freshman year at Harvard College.