Stanford University
Graduate - MBA
Before coming to Stanford University, Andrew Powell and his friend, Sasha Seymore, developed an app called Learn to Win – a platform that helps athletes learn playbooks and game plans in a more effective manner. Once at Stanford, Powell and three of his peers realized that the technology used for Learn to Win could be used to improve the functionality of Department of Defense trainings. Previous United States Air Force training methods have gone basically unchanged for decades – the platforms currently being used are overly expensive and antiquated. Computer-based training is not compatible with IOS or windows and aircraft technical manuals may only be available manually, consisting of thousands of pages. The team proceeded to create a suit of mobile learning tools, which recently beat out hundreds of teams and won the top prize of $30,000 at Hacking4Defense, a national security innovation competition in Silicon Valley. Currently, Powell and his team are continuing to develop the app and believe their functional and adaptable product will make a significant impact for the Department of Defense.