What inspired your idea for Host Homes for LGBTQ Youth:
The idea for my project arose from a thesis I wrote on the resources available for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. I have a personal connection with the issue of LGBTQ youth homelessness, and after spending nine months researching the situation in Philadelphia, I desperately wanted to do something to help. I have always felt driven to leverage the inordinate privilege I have as a Penn student to help the Philadelphia community, and the President's Engagement Prize was the perfect opportunity to do so. 
You were chosen to be on ProMazo’s list of Most Interesting Students for a reason. Do you have any advice for other students hoping to create their own success:
I would say always follow your interests, even if they don't seem practical at the time. I didn't really know what I wanted to do for most of college, and so I always did what was most interesting to me at any given moment, whether it was studying literature, learning French, working in West Africa, writing comedy, or just hanging out with my friends. I think that if you are true to yourself and follow your curiosity, you will eventually stumble onto something you really care about and can pursue passionately. 
Favorite quote:
"Enjoy yourself. It is later than you think." - Guy Lombardo
Biggest role models or inspirations:
This is cliché, but my father. 
Fun Fact:
I have seven siblings!
Favorite hobbies:
Tennis, reading, traveling, running. 
Career path:
Hopefully running a nonprofit/NGO.

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