Vanderbilt University
Human & Organizational Development  Economics Double Major; C/S Minor
As a freshman at Vanderbilt University, Ben Scheer taught himself how to code and created an app called “Spark Your Idea” that is currently available on Apple’s App Store. Four years later, Ben has several apps available in the store, however his most successful app was not designed for humans, but for orangutans. Ben worked with the Atlanta Zoo to build an app to entertain and educate apes. In addition to creating the app, he wrote an academic paper about his research and presented it at CogSci 2019.
Ben's most recent projects have introduced him to the virtual reality realm, working with various musicians to create VR experiences that coincide with their music. As a student at Vanderbilt, he concurrently worked on dozens of entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from coding to photography, helped lead the Vanderbilt Innovation Entrepreneurship Society, Vanderbilt Ventures, and the new Vanderbilt Entrepreneurial Network. 
Throughout all of Ben's work, he maintained his focus on connecting with people and solving problems, eventually earning him the 2018 Vanderbilt Student Change-maker Award. 
Ben recently graduated this past spring and accepted a job as a business technology analyst, enabling him to continue pursuing his interests involving technology and people. ​​​​​​​